Polyurethane flooring solutions:

All types of industrial residential and commercial flooring solution

Self levelling epoxy (SLE), PU floor (Ucrete MF, CP crete MF, Heavy duty Ucrete, UD 200, Ucrete DP, Ucrete TZ etc.)

Polyurethane Coating System:

Ucrete DP Top Coat, PU coating, Its a high performance Protective coating, For Floor, Wall and Ceiling.

Epoxy Flooring Solutions:

Self-leveling Epoxy flooring (S.L.E.), 2mm,3mm,4mm, etc.

Epoxy Coatings:

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coatings for floor & walls.
Screeds/Mortars/Grout: polymerized screed mortar, Self-leveling screed etc. PU Mortar. Ucrete Mortar.

Water base Epoxy / PU:

For floor and wall as well as ceiling.

Waterproofing Chemicals:

Polymer modified cementations coating, Acrylic base roof waterproofing, bituminous water proofing sheet, torch applied membrane, Polyurethane base waterproofing coating, polyuria coating, Integral Waterproofing compound etc.
Other Construction Chemicals& Floor Hardener: Superplasticizer, metallic & nonmetallic floor hardeners, poly sulphide sealant etc.

Fountain and Water Feature:

All types of Indoor and Outdoor systems.

Swimming pool:

Design supply and installation of Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools.

Foam concrete:

Light weight concrete for heat proofing and void fillings.

PU foam insulation:

Industrial residential and commercial heat insulation, sound insulation and water proofing

Polyurea spray coating:

World toughest coating for waterproofing, flooring, bed liner, tank coating and many others activities.

Polished concrete:

Polished concrete for dust proofing and shining old concrete.

Concrete Admixture:

All types of admixture for concrete strength, concrete waterproofing, concrete early or delay strength etc.