Why Waterproofing Is Important In Bangladesh

What is waterproofing? Waterproofing is a process to make a construction surface water-resistant. This process can be applied on any structural surface to protect from damage caused by water. This process will save your valuable wet surface from water damage. It is a coating of some special chemicals that makes your building water-resistant.   Where […]

Floor Hardener In Bangladesh

Floor Hardener In Bangladesh

Floor Hardener Floor Hardener is one kind of fragment of composition. The fragment is made in a size graded specification. It is used by mixing with cement & stone chips mixture. It gives extra hardness to the concrete floor and does not affect cement chemistry. It can provide double durability and 50% extra lifetime to[…..]


Waterproofing In Bangladesh

It is necessary to waterproof your house. Interior areas of our house must be kept dry from roof to basement specially in the monsoon. Water infiltration can lead to damages such as insect infestation, mold and in worst cases building failures. Waterproofing the house before construction will avoid these problems. If you waterproof your home,[…..]