Floor Hardener In Bangladesh

Handitech Floor Hardener

Floor Hardener is usually the concrete hardener chemical used to improve the resilience, longevity and abrasion-proofing of the surface. Freshly installed concrete flooring typically provides a smooth, durable, wear-resistant surface that prevents corrosion and absorption of grease, oils and chemicals.

It is a particle category construction prepared in size graded configurations to be used by combining the mixture with cement & grit chips to give the concrete floor additional hardness.

In general, Handitech works with three types of floor hardener items available on the market, which are made for different purposes and use.

Floor Hardener In Bangladesh
Floor Hardener in Bangladesh.

Different Types

  • Handitech Metallic Floor Hardeners: This form of floor hardener is designed for extreme heavy duty applications and is ideal for tanks plus metal track traffic.
  • Handitech Dry Shake Floor Hardener: It is suitable for all industrial regions subjected to heavy traffic such as breweries, food and beverage,power stations,heavy industry, agricultural buildings, laboratories, distillation plants,warehouse floors and loading bays and workshops.
  • Handitech Liquid Hardener / Dust Proofer: This brings an economical and effective form of floor guard. Largely used in commercial plus residential car parks, ware house, production plant etc.

Usage Area

It can be used in light industrial plus commercial buildings, basement and cellars, Storage rooms,mechanical workshops,Educational institutions,Corridors, halls,parking areas, and loading platforms.


  • Unbroken and robust colors with attractive floors and enjoyable working environment.
  • Good abrasion resistance that helps to minimize maintenance of floor surface.
  • Increased resistance to access of oil and grease along with very easy cleaning.
  • Light and fast pigments which are durable and nonfading colors.

We also provides additional abrasion resistance for high wear industrial, commercial and industrial concrete floors.

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