Handitech Self-leveling Epoxy

Handitech Self-leveling epoxy is a sort of epoxy floor coating that helps to create and maintain a smooth and durable coating on a concrete surface. It takes very less maintenance cost and time. It saves both time and money and it also ensures durability. The most interesting and important uses of this coasting are that it can be applied on damaged or old concrete floors to create a newly made smooth fine surface. Handitech Self-leveling Epoxy in Bangladesh has acquired the belief by providing cost effective & best solution.

This epoxy is used in both types of building flooring, industrial zones, and residential ones. This solution of Handitech epoxy provides a smooth shiny layer of coating to the floors. Handitech Self-leveling Epoxy in Bangladesh has become popular day by day.

This solution can withstand any rough uses like industrial purpose uses of a heavy load of anything and also very much useful for commercial installations and residential purposes. For many different purposes the Handitech Self leveling epoxy can be used like- cracked surface mending, resurfacing worn or old floors, resurfacing deteriorated floors. The most important side of this is that it covers all the problems regarding the concrete surface and also saves money. Moreover, this self-leveling epoxy could be used for decorative purposes both for new ones to old cracked ones. It also helps to save the cost of replacement.

Mostly this epoxy is very much useful for industrial purpose as it helps industrial flooring in many ways- the smooth surface allows the easy movement of heavy truckloads frequently, allows to move forklift with ease, easy to clean and it also helps to prevent bacterial accumulation and keeps the area safe from dust and dirt. The Handitech Self-leveling epoxy is truly very useful for industrial purposes with many positive sides of benefits.

For any kind of commercial or retail purpose, this epoxy stands as the first choice of architects as it makes the room look bigger and attractive. The seamless floor increases the aesthetic value of the place, this is why it’s widely used for commercial and industrial purposes.

self leveling epoxy in bangladesh

Benefits Of Self-leveling Epoxy in Bangladesh:


  • Extremely strong and hardest for flooring
  • Can endure heavy loads and continuous foot traffic
  • Can easily endure the movement of forklift and steamrollers
  • Longer durability which lasts for many years.


Environmental resistance

  • Can withstand most types of chemicals even those like caustic chemicals found in lab and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and healthcare compounds.
  • It also can withstand the fading effect and damage from UV light exposure with increasing long term value.
  • With lower damage level it minimizes its maintenance cost and needs.
  • It can be used and can be very much helpful if one is going to work with dangerous material and chemicals then the coating can be made with a special formula to resist that exotic chemical reaction or material on the surface with long term durability with low maintenance.

Easy cleaning

  • Unless or without sanctioned by compliance regulations intense maintenance doesn’t require.
  • This epoxy requires little soap and water cleansing.
  • As the surface of the epoxy is a seamless sheet it resists and killsany kind of microbiallife as mold and mildew.
  • If anyone wants to ensure cleanliness then they can make a set up a flooring of Handitech Self leveling epoxy with active anti-microbial agents.

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