roof garden in bangladesh by handitech

A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building. Besides the decorative benefit roof plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydro logical benefits, architectural enhancement, habitats or corridors for wildlife, recreational opportunities. In large scale it may even have ecological benefits. The practice of cultivating food on the rooftop of buildings is sometimes referred to as rooftop farming. Rooftop gardens are man-made green spaces on the topmost levels of industrial, commercial, and residential structures. They may be designed to grow produce, provide play space, give shade and shelter, or simply be there as a living, green area.

roof garden in bangladesh by handitech

Types of Roof Garden

Extensive Roof Gardens: This roof garden is less expensive in terms of vegetation types and construction and ideal for a humid climate.

Semi-Intensive Roof Gardens: This type of roof garden requires a deeper soil layer that increases the diversity of plant species. Plants require additional watering during lengthy dry periods. Wild flowers that do not require maintenance can be grown easily in such roof gardens.

Intensive Roof Gardens: Vegetation similar to that of a backyard garden like flowers, shrubs, trees and several park elements can be planted in this type of gardens.

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