Ucrete Industrial Flooring

Ucrete – The World’s Toughest Floor

Ucrete industrial flooring is cost effective because it is long lasting, quick and practical to install and meets all the needs of modern processing industry. It is a unique suite of products based upon the Ucrete heavy duty polyurethane resins which enjoy an unequalled reputation for performance built up over four decades of use throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

These flooring systems have an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and thermal shock. Thousands of satisfied local and multinational satisfied clients in Bangladesh and worldwide. With PU floor coating, we are providing long-term, without problem and cost-effective, flooring protection, reasonable price in the most difficult environments in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, PU floor paint is the best flooring structure of choice for sharp end users, Engineers, consultants requires, suppliers and contractors in Bangladesh and worldwide.

Polyurethane (PU) Concrete Flooring

Polyurethane or PU Developed more than many years ago in Europe as the most demanding industrial environments, PU technology is the original polyurethane flooring solution that provides a powerful layer of protection for both new and existing concrete surfaces.

PU Floorings are Known in Many Synonyms:
Urethane cement floorings, urethane modified concrete, PU concrete, Poly Urethane Concrete and Urethane concrete or simply, PU-concrete. The chemistry is the combination of cement and waterborne urethane. The Polyurethane concrete composition has a similar elasticity as like concrete.

Handitech is Authorized Distributor and applicator of BASF in Bangladesh. we are recipient of the prestigious BASF Performance Flooring Ucrete Master Contractor Award for 2014, 2015 –an honor bestowed to only a selective flooring contractor Globally and a testimony to the hard work, complexity of knowledge and high standards of our consultants and installation teams.

Key Benifits

  • Durable: excellent impact and wear resistance. Many 20–30 year old Ucrete floors in aggressive environments are still in service.
  • Non-tainting: even during application in food handling areas.
  • Fast application and curing: even at low temperatures. Specifications are available that are fully serviceable after only 5 hours at 10°C, making it ideally suited for refurbishment work.
  • Moisture tolerant: can be installed onto 7 day old concrete without the need for special primers, helping to maintain programme on fast track projects.
  • Thermal shock resistance: withstands spillages up to 150 °C depending upon specification.
  • Hygiene: cleanable to the same standard as stainless steel and does not support biological growth, so helping to maintain hygiene standards.
  • Chemical resistance: from strong acids to alkalis, fats, oils and solvents which can rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring.
  • Clean and safe: for your workers, your products and the environment. Certified with the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard for low emissions.

Ucrete Usages Areas

  • Pharmaceuticals & Hospitals
  • Food Processing & Beverages
  • Chemicals & Engineering
  • Hotel, Cafeteria & Kichen
  • Textile, Garments & Spinning
  • Knitting & Dyeing
  • Warehouses & Stores
  • Acid & Salt Areas
  • Any Kinds of Heavy Load Areas
  • Any Kinds of Industries

Ucrete Advantages

  • Time proven performance
  • Long-term durability
  • High impact resistance
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Virtually seamless, Self-priming
  • No joints to harbor bacteria
  • Rapid cure/safe, fast installation
  • Odorless, non-toxic, non-tainting
  • Regulatory agency approved
  • Variety of colors, designs and textures