Industrial Epoxy Flooring

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What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy systems are a combination of resins and hardeners. When resin and hardener mix together, chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. Most of the time aggregates are mixed with resin and hardener. The final material is strong, durable, resistant, glossy and bonds extremely well to most base layers. Epoxy flooring materials are so strong that it is used in heavy traffic areas such as industrial harsh environments, hospitals and sports facilities. Epoxy floor coating is a unique flooring solution because it’s not only practically incredible, but the materials used in it make it flexible for endless applications worldwide. Moreover it has different quality based on formulation and raw materials as well as additive sourcing. We use world best manufacturer products from USA, German and Malaysia.

Handitech Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh

We are dealing industrial, commercial and residential Epoxy Flooring System in Bangladesh. We are exceptional and unparalleled in Bangladesh. Handitech enjoys a recognized status for excellence in the industrial flooring marketplace in Bangladesh since 2005.

We use world best Epoxy manufacturer companies product from U.K, USA, India, Malaysian, & Germany. Our Engineers, skill and epoxy specialist applicator and technicians are well experience and trained from USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia in all aspects of the Epoxy flooring application systems.
We are offering best Epoxy floor price in Bangladesh. If you think your next or previous projects floor will be Hygienic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti Corrosive, Dust Free, Solvent Free High Chemical Resistant, Hard Wearing, Aesthetically Attractive, High Gloss, Seamless /Joint Less, Ease to Clean and Economical please feel free to contact our sales and marketing team, they will be happy to meet your enquiry. We are offering special quality products, expert application service epoxy floor best price in Bangladesh. Very competitive price, world-class specialist applicator and best quality products and service are our motto.

Using Epoxy Flooring Products in Bangladesh

If you are thinking an easy-to-maintain, joint less, attractive looking, industrial-grade flooring option, we sure there are not alternative without epoxy solutions. At Performance Industrial, we offer over 20 types of epoxy and industrial flooring systems.

Here is a few most popular Epoxy floor coating in Bangladesh:

Self-Leveling Epoxy (SLE) Flooring:
Self Leveling Epoxy (SLE)/Self smoothing Epoxy is applied over new or old concrete floors to create a smooth, joint less, durable, glossy and low maintenance flooring surface. We have available a variety of colors. Colors are used to make decorative designs on floor, painting traffic patterns and highlight work zones in industrial flooring. This Self Leveling Epoxy Floor paint system is used when you need aesthetic appeal and abrasion, chemical, reasonable price in Bangladesh as well as heat or slip resistance.

Epoxy Mortar Flooring:
Ultra-tough, Heavy duty this is the strongest epoxy floor system available. This high build, seamless system is made with epoxy flooring products and graded quartz sand. These systems are highly impact and chemical-resistant. Epoxy Mortar Flooring system is effective in repairing old floors because of its high-build process.

Quartz Epoxy Flooring:
Quartz epoxy flooring systems combine high performance epoxy polymer resin and hardener with color quartz. This quartz epoxy flooring is decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant, and exceptionally durable.

Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring (ESD Resistant Flooring):
Electro-static charge (ESD) can be extremely dangerous in many working environments. Anti-static epoxy flooring helps to reduce static hazards. This ESD epoxy flooring typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain, ground, or dissipate any potential discharge. It’s recommended in environments that floor contain flammable materials

Epoxy Flake Flooring:
Flake flooring systems are made when colored chips or flakes are placed within the epoxy to create vibrant, multi-hued, seamless, glossy, resilient surfaces. The chips are not only aesthetically pleasing, but their slightly rough surface reduces slips and falls resistant. The flakes are available in a lot of variety of colors, styles, textures, and sizes.

High Build Epoxy Floor Paint Coating:
Aggregate-free epoxy floor paint is perfect for normal uses light traffic areas of floor its thickness about 500 to 700 microns, roller or spray applied. it is suitable for laboratory room, office, service floor etc.

3D Metallic Epoxy Flooring:
Aggregate-free, two-part 100% solid epoxy floor paint / Coating is perfect for residential and commercial decorative flooring purpose. We have lots of color and design available with very reasonable price in Bangladesh.

Epoxy Flooring Projects in Bangladesh

Handitech Successfully complete more than 400 epoxy flooring projects, about 10 million square feet areas in different types of factories in different parts of Bangladesh. Since 2005 to till we are working with lots of varieties products and different flooring condition. Thus, make our applicator is the world class and best specialist applicator in Bangladesh. We applied all types of Factory, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, showrooms, commercial garages, warehouse, hospital, kitchens, aircraft hangars, laboratory, school, restaurant, athletic facilities, commercial kitchens, locker rooms, sports venues, automotive showrooms, veterinarian clinics and more.