Stamp Concrete Floor

Stamped / Textured Concrete Flooring for Outdoor Floor

Stamped concrete floor is the best system to add exceptional colors plus textures to your concrete patio, walkway or sidewalk. Now a days stamped concrete can duplicate the architectural look and texture of brick, slate and stone in any design plus color mixtures. Stamped concrete can be used for patios, swimming pools, sidewalks, driveways, outdoor and indoor floors. This stamped concrete building materials makes it less expensive, durable and minimal maintenance.

Ordinary to Extraordinary Stamped Concrete in Bangladesh

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Stamp concrete or pattern concrete application procedure is not so complicated, but you should expert application essential for aesthetics plus durability. For more application process please visit How to stamp concrete Lots of design plus color available in the international market, maximum design, pattern plus color we’re providing in Bangladesh. For more design please visit Design stamp concrete.

Usage Area

  • Kid Playground
  • Outer Ways
  • Garden Roads
  • Terraces
  • Roofs


  • Stamped concrete is permanent
  • Handles excess water better than pavers
  • More effective and durable, especially on slopes
  • No retainer curb necessary, as required on most paver applications
  • Unlimited selection of colors
  • Less maintenance required
  • No weeds or vegetation in joints
  • High-flex structural strength


Application Process

Stamped concrete has been about for years, the ventures are that you have seen this numerous times, but might have flawed it for other ingredients. This is since stamped concrete replicates the look of natural materials like granite, brick, wood, stone and also slate. With a widespread range of colors, designs and textures available, stamped concrete could be used to make natural visuals at a portion of the charge.
To make such a convincing floor, the exact tools, resources and also skills are required. With an expert professional, the perfect stamped concrete flooring could be applied in 8 simple steps.

Step 1
The first step is casting the concrete – that is the act of pouring the concrete into the preferred part. Once poured, the concrete would be compacted as well as levelled to the required thickness.

Step 2
Once the surface is level, the Color Hardener would be spread over the surface by hand.

Step 3
A concrete float would then be used by hand on the recently prepared concrete in order to make a smooth surface. And also making the concrete for step 4, floating also eliminates any surface flaws.

Step 4
With an accurately smooth surface, the Color Release must then be shaken over the surface by hand.

Step 5
Nowadays you’re ready to stamp. Piece the stamping tools altogether, much like a jigsaw plus make sure that they’re aligned to give a reliable design. Apply weight to the stamping tools evenly and also use a textured wheel over any areas which need more definition. Permit this newly stamped concrete to cure for 24 hours before any light traffic.
Piece the stamping tools altogether as well as apply weight evenly for distinct designs.

Step 6
After that curing period, dust plus dirt could be power-washed off the surface.

Step 7
A Release Cleaner would then be used to eliminate residual ingredients plus dirt.
Release Cleaner could be used to wash away any dust or else residual material.

Step 8
The last step is sealing the concrete, that not only deepens the color but also growths protection against weather plus wear.