PU Industrial Flooring

PU industrial flooring is a solo suite product that proposing variety of surface profile plus performance specifications. Handitech providing these PU flooring solutions as a best applicator as well as contractor with affordable price in Bangladesh. In the concept of Industrial Flooring System, the abbreviation of PU flooring is Polyurethane flooring. Due to the formulation of this flooring supplies in process of Polymer reaction of a portion of the Polymer Chemistry.

There is another name of this flooring category is Resin Flooring cause the base part of the four element materials is Resin. For the consequence of polymer reaction, erosion possibility level is zero to say. It is a one stop solution for any kinds of industrial flooring. If you think you coat your floor, simply one time for your plus your concretes whole life you should have to select this flooring solution otherwise your trouble in growing day by day.

Generally, these flooring systems have a special resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact plus thermal shock. Thousands of satisfied local plus multinational satisfied customers in Bangladesh plus international. With PU floor coating, we’re providing long term, except problem and cost-effective, flooring protection, sensible price in the most problematic environments in Bangladesh.

Undeniably, PU floor paint is the best flooring construction of choice for sharp end users, Engineers, consultants requires, suppliers plus contractors in Bangladesh plus global. We’ve supplying world best manufacture PU products such as BASF products Ucrete Industrial flooring, Viacor Products Viacrete MF, Cpcrete etc.

Area of Usage

  • Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Beverages & Food Processing
  • Engineering & Chemicals
  • Hotel, Kitchen & Cafeteria
  • Garments, Textile & Spinning
  • Knitting & Dyeing
  • Warehouses & Stores
  • Salt & Acid Areas
  • Any Kinds of Heavy Load Areas
  • Any Kinds of Industries


  • Skid preventing and Chemical resistance
  • Time proven performance for long time
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • No joints to harbor bacteria
  • Rapid cure/safe, fast installation/low downtime
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Virtually seamless and Self-priming
  • Odorless, non-toxic, non-tainting
  • Regulatory agency approved