3D Epoxy Resin Flooring

About 3D Epoxy Resin Flooring

Handitech is one stop solutions supplier for 3D products, stickers, epoxy and also put base coat plus top coat resources plus related apparatuses, machines, training and also application service in Bangladesh.

We’re working all over the country district and Thana / Upazila level. This sticker and also Epoxy / PU supplies has several kinds of quality and also price. The quality of This product confirms your 3D Epoxy Resin Flooring durability, esthetics appearance, scratch resistant capacity, as well as fade or yellowing time. We’re importing goods from USA, world leading manufacturer as their high-class distributor in Bangladesh.

Though we’re epoxy flooring professionals from 2005 in Bangladesh, we’re ensuring quality products plus applications. We’ve already positively whole lots of 3d Epoxy flooring projects in Bangladesh.

Price depends on areas quantity, locations and existing flooring conditions. Moreover, it will be start 400 taka to 500 taka per square feet including materials and applications all.

3D Epoxy Resin Flooring Application Time

It takes few times for exact floor size sticker order to collection by currier from abroad. After measurement your floor and choosing the right picture, it takes 20 to 30 days. Then application only two days. After final coat, next day you can use it.

How to Order 3D Epoxy Resin Floor to Us

We have need plain and level floor for application 3D epoxy resin floor coating. 3D epoxy systems almost 3mm thickness. So, if your existing floor is not enough level, price will be increase for leveling issue. We have tools and machine for floor grinding and leveling. Measurement you floor size properly length and width. Let us call or email. We will reply with verbal or written cost or price quotation.


Epoxy is polymer materials like plastic. It is long lasting and extremely durable as like concrete. Don’t worry about its durability, moreover, due to wrong application procedure, floor show lots of problem. So it is important skill and trained application team. We have 70 no’s permanent epoxy specialist applicator for your service in Bangladesh.

Business Possibility with Handitech in Bangladesh:

We have few agents in different parts of the Bangladesh. We trained them about application, sales and marketing and providing them tools, machine, materials, promotional documents and others logistic as well as technical support. If you are interested to do business with us, please contact us. We are the best 3D Epoxy Resin Flooring supplier in Bangladesh.