Water Base Epoxy Coating

About Waterbase Epoxy Coating

Water based epoxy is a 2 component, epoxy coating & amine cured, that would demonstrate the physical properties of solvent borne epoxies, but in a water reducible formula. Dust and also residue formation is a difficult with insecure concrete floors as well as cement toppings.

Water based epoxy water reducible epoxy floor coating was advanced as a finest quality, environmentally friendly answer to this problem Based on 2 component epoxy technology. Water based epoxy displays outstanding penetrating properties that unites the concrete substrate.

At the same time, it produces a surface coating/film that would exhibit outstanding water and chemical resistance, superb resistance to acids, solvents, oils plus gasoline and a superior combination of impact, abrasion and scuff resistance.
Most significantly, water based epoxy deals the performance characteristics stated above in a water reducible formulation in the past, the physical strength plus resistance properties such as those that water based epoxy would offer was probable just from solvent borne products. Water Based Epoxy would be considered for all interior concrete sealing applications where superior durability is required plus solvent odors plus flammability aren’t suitable.


  • Solvent: water
  • Gloss: full gloss
  • Heat-resistance: 225°F (107°C)
  • 78 Sec 3.2 Inside Painting System #1
  • Pot Life: 6-8 hours
  • Mix ratio: 1 part curing agent to 8 parts base (80% of pint to 90% of a gallon)
  • Induction Period: 30 minutes
  • Minimum storage temperature: 32°F (0°C)
  • VOC: 1.2 lbs./gallon (144 grams/liter)
  • Dry Time: To touch: 45-60 minutes Dry hard:8 hours To recoat:4-6 hours (to touch)
  • Recommended film thickness: 3-6 mils dry (75-150 microns) Each coat – 245 sq. ft. (22.78 M2) 6.5 mils (162.5 microns) wet (wet mil gauge recommended) 3.0 mils (75 microns) dry 45% solid by volume
  • Vehicle type: amine-epoxy
  • Pigment type: Varies with color
  • Weight per gallon: 9.2 lbs./gallon
  • (3.43 kilograms/3.785 liters)


  • Awesome durability
  • Waterborne epoxy
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Outstanding water and chemical resistance
  • Superb resistance to acids, solvents, oils and gasoline
  • Superior combination of impact, abrasion and scuff-resistance
  • Can be tinted to any custom color