Service is important to you, so it is important to us. Our business success is depends on best service. Our goal is to create a customer to us dependable and reliable. We are achieving this by providing continue support and prompt service after the sale. Be assured that you are buying World best product and application service.

Epoxy, PU and others Flooring & Construction chemicals are performance chemicals and application plays a vital role for successful job. We have lots of Experienced skill & trained applicator to provide you best solutions. Right from the inquiry to the completion of job, Fountech Civil Engineers are actively engaged in application with applicator. So we ensuring successfully completion of the job. Our long relationship with customers confirmed our repeat and repeated orders.

Service Philosophy:
We help to our customers by providing knowledgeable advice and estimate, about industrial flooring or Construction Chemicals products selection and application. Our highly trained staff capable handle of every aspect of the resin flooring systems & Construction Chemicals. By teaming our Service Department, we can provide unparalleled support to our clients in all Bangladesh. Some of the major factors that makes Fountech in Bangladesh a customer-centric organization are:

  • Vast experience
  • Knowledge of involvement
  • Competitive prices
  • Time awareness
  • Quality as per international standards
  • Transparent business policy
  • Clear pricing structure for all services
  • World Best Products provider
  • Latest Sustainable technology user
  • Green products