Heat Insulation PU Foam

Why Spray Polyurethane Foam For Heat Insulation?

Handitech Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) heat / thermal insulation materials helps keep homes and your building structure warm in the winter and cool in the summer. SPF sprayed liquid materials directly into the gaps, void, cracks, joints and other surfaces that contribute to heat loss, it both heats insulates and air seals, offering one of the easiest and most effective ways of heat insulation, waterproofing, sound proofing and air seals in existing homes, factory, market and new construction.

We recognize that design professionals face a complex process when designing a building construction in Bangladesh. The process is a jungle of restrictive covenant, building codes, government ordinances, design options, and clients/ Customers choices.
In addition to offering design solutions, Handitech has developed a team of dedicated spray pu foam applicators that have years of experience applying Polyurethane spray foam and specialty coating systems in Bangladesh. It is suitable to Residential Projects, Commercial Buildings, Food Processing Plants, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, School/Universities, Agricultural Buildings, Beverage and Dairy Tanks, Cold Storage Facilities, warehouse, Pipe Lines, poultry farm, HVAC ducting, Industrial Buildings roof wall ceiling, Textile, knitting, spinning, weaving, washing, designed for internal walls, roof, ceiling and attics, but can also be applied to floors, construction joint, contraction gap and cavity walls etc.

Handitech is a supplier, distributor, agent, whole seller, applicator of all types of SPF products in Bangladesh. We are importing PU foam materials from German and USA. We are providing light weight, durable, sustainable and versatile insulation solution in Bangladesh, boasting the strongest performance in energy efficiency and cost savings. This heat proofing insulation PU foam is the optimal solutions for residential, commercial and Industrial structures of all architectural engineering styles.
Adheres-in-place effectively to most construction substrates like concrete, wood, plastic, metal still etc. We are providing best insulation for all climate zones and contributes to the wellness of inhabitants as well as Lasts the life of the structures. Handitech spray pu foam heat proofing insulation effectively seals the building envelope, filling in any cracks and crevices the common source of air and moisture infiltration of any building construction.

Advantages with Properties

  • Meeting increasingly stringent energy codes globally
  • Providing up to 40% to 45% energy bill savings throughout the life of the structure
  • Net zero energy & passive house design
  • heat and moisture barriers
  • Enhanced indoor comfort
  • Improved wellness of homeowner
  • Enhanced air quality
  • Prevents asthma triggers
  • Resilient construction
  • Minimizing unwanted exterior noise
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Does not deplete the ozone layer
  • Significantly increases racking strength
  • The only PU foam heat insulation recommended for hurricane and flood prone zones
  • Fully adheres to any substrate
  • Lasts for the life of the structure
  • Eliminates air infiltration
  • Exceeds all current building codes
  • Contributes to LEED points, green certify products in worldwide,
  • Spray PU foam are renewable with simple recoating,
  • It is applying directly to existing substrate in 95% of retrofit applications, eliminating costs,
  • Spray polyurethane spray foam are seamless, fully-adhered and self-flashing
  • It is providing superior insulation performance
  • Its require no fasteners for quicker installation and the elimination of thermal heat bridging.

Handitech is Authorized distributor and Applicator of BASF Bangladesh Ltd.
We are using BASF products Elastospray and Elastopore , please check the bellow link for details Elastopray, Elastopore