Our Team

Director – Mr. Ibrahim Khokon Head of Marketing– Tarak Aziz Head of Human Resource- Farid Al Rashid Other Staffs- Three Skilled and efficient project manager to maintain customer relationship management. Four permanent officials working to comply with client and project requirements. Permanent experience Engineer working as project coordinator to meet with customer requirement and expectation […]

Self Leveling Epoxy (SLE)

Epoxy floor coating that can be applied over concrete floors to enhance its durability and decrease maintenance costs. It makes the floor hard and lowers its damage. Our experience in working with SLE. (Click here)

Where we worked

Floor Hardening Our Honorable clients Completed with Honor Bangladesh Bank (Barishal Brunch) Dinajpur Medical College Feni Medical College C.M.H, Dhaka Cantonment Habib Group, CEPZ K.D.S, Chittagong RAB-7, Chittagong office RANGS Motors, Chittagong office SAPL Ltd. Imperial Hospital Medical Center Chittagong Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. SIM Fabrics Ltd. Gaston Battery Nagoric TV RAK Tiles Ltd. Recent completed[…..]